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Dog experience: I have a happy life and Peas

Remember that I once read a book called “Love in Baghdad,” the book, if the content is summarized in one sentence: a puppy to a spirit of American soldiers get the true story of redemption. It sounds strange, but in fact, some people say more and more fucking in this world is the great maternal love, followed by the dog’s love, then who is the frolicking in the bedroom. No wonder many young people have repeatedly declared that: to find a female (male) friend than a dog.


I am also a dog person, dog brought me much happiness. As a typical otaku, my “son” Peas with me to remove my loneliness. Take for instance last night, I was alone on the couch watching TV and suddenly, Peas a slipper dangling from his mouth like crazy I ran up and ran it from one end, and from that one run to the head, a Lianpao several back and forth until it tired and give up running. I chuckled, feeling very happy.


However, the dog is a double-edged sword, not only brought me much joy, but also brought me a lot of headaches. For example, feed the dog troubles. Three meals a day, dogs have three meals a day, buying dog food, dog food preparation, feeding dog food. As another example, take a bath troubles. Regularly washing the dog, to keep their bodies clean. First coated with a dedicated pet shampoo to wash hair, then rinse several times, and finally clean, take a lot of time. However, troubles me the most, or hair loss problem, I love to clean such a person exhausted.


As we all know, dogs love hair loss, especially in spring and autumn moult season, off worse. In severe cases, the floor, sofa, dog hair everywhere. Even more crazy is that these dog hair stick to the clothes, not easily removed. I mixed all day and dogs, clothes covered with dog hair, became the guise of a dog. One time I went to market to buy food, several people looked at me curiously, and asked: Are you a dog, right?


However, such a trouble occurs with the Vorwerk VK140 vacuum cleaner has become history. Some time ago, friends introduced it to me solemnly. The so-called do not know, a bubble with the United States. For dog lovers like me, it really is a timely appearance. I use a home vacuum cleaner, it is the most I like the fact that it is equipped with a variety of brush, so I can easily cope with various situations: misplacing dog hair sticking to the clothes, I can use the deep cleaning power brush head; dog hair and dust accumulation to the table, I can use the Smart hard brush; and clean-up under normal circumstances, hard to clean and polish brush … … that I do more with less difficult to deal with dog hair before, now is simply too juvenile.



Household vacuum cleaners in use today have been for some time, my deepest feeling is: life a lot easier, a lot of convenience. For a real dog person, the only dog brings me to enjoy a happy life, they do not have to worry about dog hair in trouble, that in itself is a very happy thing.


Of course, thorough cleaning is not only dog lovers in our home that health, there is also very useful for the dogs. It used to worry about dog skin disease, now has such a good environment, there would be so anxious about. Grow up healthy and happy looking dog, with Guo Degang for the classic lines: I am very pleased with ah!

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